Nanglo International


Nanglo in Nepali is a flat round tray woven from bamboo. It is used for sifting grain and is an indispensable part of every Nepali kitchen. It is from this utilitarian tray that we took our name to pioneer a new informal pub culture in the valley of Kathmandu.

It was in 1973 when Kathmandu’s days as the hippie capital were almost over and hordes of flower children had started heading home, that the seeds of the Nanglo Chain of restaurants was sown - Cafe de Park had opened its doors to customers in Ratnapark. Droves of Trippies were yet to come but the action had already started from dilapidated Durbar Square to trendy Durbar Marg. In 1976 Cafe de Park evolved into the Nanglo Cafe and Pub and moved to its present location in Durbarmarg.

After two years the Nanglo Chinese Room commenced operation and was the first up-scale independent Chinese restaurant in the valley. Done up in style and fully air-conditioned, it soon became a place to be seen in. Ever since the Nanglo craze caught on as we kept our promise of providing wholesome food and invigorating drinks in congenial surroundings at reasonable prices. Over the years, Nanglo has become a Kathmandu landmark.

Our motto from day one has been to cater to the local clientele and introduce quality service and dinning facilities that lacked in Kathmandu initially. We have stuck by it and it gives us immense pleasure to see the difference we have brought into the lives of Kathmanduites over the years. Nepali custom says “Athiti Dev Bhawa” in other words “Guests are Gods” and is believed that they should be treated and looked after with utmost care. Nanglo has abided by this belief.

In 2011, our Company is 35 years old. It has seen the birth and weddings of grandchildren of its oldest staff and customers! From a 6 member company it has grown to a 600 member company.